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    I Love Lent

-Pastor Dorothy Ann Webster

   “I love Lent. Lent helps me find what I have lost. Lent helps me fall in love again.”

   A friend shared this quote from Gerry Straub a few years ago. It makes me smile, partly because of the passion and excitement it expresses, and partly because of the unexpected use of the words. I mean, when you hear the word Lent, how often do you really get excited about it? How often do you think “I LOVE Lent!” Instead, we usually think about the sadness of the crucifixion, or the idea that we need to give something up or become more disciplined… and we groan!

   But when you think about finding something that has been lost, well, that IS special.  When I run across something one of our sons made for me when they were little, or a nametag from Camp Sumatanga, or a vacation picture, the memories make me smile.  When I run across something I really
NEED, and have misplaced, there is always relief!

   So, what do we find in Lent that we have lost? Perhaps the sweetness of the connection with our Savior (that we sometimes take for granted). Perhaps the relief that comes when we are forgiven. Perhaps a new commitment to love and to accept love. Perhaps an excitement; a passion for the things of God that give us new life.

   Lent can be a time when we fall in love with God and with life all over again.  Let me invite you into a joyous Lent. May it be seven weeks of discovery and rediscovery during which time you remember how much Jesus loves you, and how wonderful life can be!

   Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. Come celebrate a new beginning on March 6 at 7:30 am in the Chapel, or at 6:00 pm in the Sanctuary.


   As promised, we will have a gathering sometime later in the month to review actions taken at the special called General Conference in St. Louis. Watch your eFocus and announcements in the order of worship for date and time.
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