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   Showing Hospitality

-Pastor Dorothy Ann Webster

   Southerners are well-known for our hospitality, but let’s face it, sometimes when we get to church, we are so glad to see our friends that we don’t think about any responsibility we might have to extend hospitality.  After all, we are visiting God’s house, right?  So, that makes us the guests!   Not really.

   When we became a part of the family of God here at CUMC, things changed.  We now have the responsibility of extending hospitality to everyone who comes on behalf of Jesus.  In Jesus’ name, we welcome both our good friends and folks we don’t know well…or don’t know at all!

   When Jim Ozier was here, he gave us a challenge.  It is the 5-10-Link challenge.  It goes like this:

5-For the first 5 minutes when we arrive, and the first 5 minutes after the worship service ends, speak to someone you do not know (or do not know well). 

10-If someone you don’t know (or don’t know well) walks within 10 feet of you, speak to them.  Even if you are in a conversation with your best friend, stop your conversation long enough to speak to them.  Make sure you say your name and get their name!

Link-Before you separate from that person you have spoken to, “link” them with someone else.  You can do this by introducing them to someone you have been talking with, connecting them to someone with whom you have just learned they have something in common, or just introducing them to the next person you see.

   It sounds so simple that anyone can do it.  All it takes is some intentionality!  Show good Southern hospitality INTENTIONALLY.  You, and the new friends you make, will be glad you did!

Grace and peace,
Dorothy Ann
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