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-Ashley Sickles, Family Ministries Chair
   Family Ministries would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our September speakers! Thank you for saying “Yes” when we asked each of you to lead a class at CUMC. We have loved seeing the lower fellowship hall full of caring adults that are interested in not only Central’s children or the community’s children, but God’s children! David and Rosie, as always, were very straight forward with us about what the youth are up to, the good and even some of the not so good (I still don’t know what the “Decatur Sway” is!). They love our children, and it shows!

speaker1   Decatur is so blessed to have someone like Jere Adcock influencing our young men in high school. It was a true pleasure to listen to him and grasp how much he loves being a positive influence on Decatur’s youth. I sincerely hope Patrick Caver’s class made us all decide to up our game when it comes to staying on top of what our children are exposed to through social media. I absolutely loved his analogy of comparing our giving children a phone to when it’s time to give our children a car. We make them learn all the laws of driving and the road before they are allowed to be independent drivers, yet we fail to teach our children the laws when it comes to phone use. It’s time for that to change!

   Lastly, Carol Ozier’s class on family branding is spot on during this age of constant change and busyness in our lives. I pray that those who discovered their family “brand” wasn’t working for their family will take those steps needed to redirect their family’s focus on what matters most! Thanks again to everyone involved in the September Series!

Chris Hughes teaches and leads

                                   -Pastor Dorothy Ann Websterspeaker3
     Special worship guest Chris Hughes led worship at both services on September 8, around the theme of growing in our prayer life. Chris is a pastor, writer, editor, singer and songwriter, (among other things!) and an all-around “good soul.” He taught the congregation a song that he wrote, speaker2“Teach Me How to Pray,” complete with motions. Molly and Amelia Mullican (pictured) led the motions in the 8:30 service as Chris played his guitar. Norah White and Kayla Busick led the motions at the 10:30 service.


Praising God
Sunday, 13 October 2019

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