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-Debbie Looney, Children’s Director

   I cannot say enough about what an outstanding evening the FamBlitz was!

   FUN, MUSIC, GAMES, BIBLE LESSONS, LAUGHTER, SCREAMING, Rubber Chickens, Bible lessons, toilet paper, GRITS, laughter, doughnuts, more Bible lessons, shaving cream, foam blocks, more laughter, more lessons… I could go on and on! I definitely think this has to happen again!

   Thank You to the Central UMC family for making this night happen! The crews and people that helped get things ready from building steps to putting the stage up and down, to handing out flyers, shopping at 5Below, the Men’s Breakfast for Dinner, and everyone that invited people!

   Thank you to all the volunteers who were here for registration and the greeters and table workers and sound people and set-up crews, and clean-up crews! And I cannot forget the event leaders who kept the excitement going, led the teams in their challenges, kept the time and kept the score! It was such a blessing to see the Church family come together to support a new, hard-to-explain adventure that I just thought would be something special to do for all ages! If you missed out on this exciting event, I hope, if we get to do it again, you will be able to be a part of it, because it truly was a revival of the best kind!

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The Market shares proceeds

-Jennie-Marie McMasters, The Market Chair
   We are so pleased to share that the Market at Central was a HUGE success again in 2018.

Market 2016

   I love watching The Market come together. I give full credit for that to our amazing church prayer team and to everyone that prayerfully creates and gives of their time and talents to make it all happen. It takes everyone! Central truly brings everyone and in the end every aspect of need for The Market is met. The efforts vary from planning and asking for ideas, to groups who cook and bake together and those who store up and freeze and make things in their own homes. Then there are the talented crafters’ hands that so lovingly create precious items that shoppers look forward to purchasing. We are thankful for those who show up and say, “What can I do?” as well as those who text and offer encouragement and support. And we thank those who know they are not able to help but give monetarily, which helps those who may be able to do but do not have the means to do. It’s all of these many pieces that create an amazing puzzle. Seeing it all come together is such a gift. It is truly a visual example of God giving us each individual gifts to use and all of us using them for one unbelievable outcome. No two gifts are the same but all are so beautifully woven to create just what we need.

   The luncheon is always such a treat… I love seeing everyone come to the table together to fellowship. Special thanks to Sara Alice and her wonderful team for making the luncheon so delicious and special. Our Bake Sale always blows me away… the cakes, bread, rolls and cookies are ALL incredible. Thank you Debbie Phillips for organizing, and for her team that helps set it all up. The frozen goods and casseroles are so well done! You all have no idea how much thought and planning goes into filling those freezers… or how much chicken and sweet potatoes it takes. I am so thankful for Robin Limbaugh, Stacey Layton and Tara Stone for always taking that on. Their teams come in and fellowship around the kitchen, getting messy and having fun. Thank you to Kathy Littrell for doing our Silent Auction… this year’s auction was amazing. Special thanks to our greeters, cashiers and to Joe Phillips who takes care of check-out for us! And the crafts… I’m not sure how, but you all must just read our minds. They start to appear often before we even say a word. Your talents and abilities simply blow us away. Thank you. Mom and I have had so much fun. While the Market was not on our radar, three years ago it became our project. For the last two years we’ve both had other stuff going on that made it easy to say NO but something else in our hearts said, “we can do this.” And again this year we are so glad we did.
   The Market at Central has again been able to give $2000 to 6 agencies in our community. They are: Disaster Relief Warehouse, CCC, NCC, PACT, Tennessee Valley Outreach, and The Volunteer Center. This year we were also able to purchase all the live greenery for the church at Christmas and we were able to help with the Family Blitz, an outreach program for families in our church and our community. We also love that we have funds available to help with specific needs as they come up in our church and in our community, all while maintaining the funds to do it all over again next year. If you are interested in being a part of a wonderful event in the life of our church, please let us know......The Market at Central would love to have you!
Thank you, thank you Central! Thank you church family for all you do, to make our church such a special place to be!


Sunday, 10 February 2019

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