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Central UMC supports almost 20 local missions and nonprofit organizations with our missions budget, but how can we, as individual church members, make a difference? To help, each month we will spotlight a ministry that we support and give you ways that you can get involved.

Local missionBumble Bee2

 -Kathy Littrell, Missions Chair

   What an opportunity we have for you this month! Who wouldn’t want to support a group who call themselves the Busy Bees? Our friends at First United Methodist Church in Moulton, the Busy Bees, are a sewing group who sew lots of things for many less fortunate than us. The specific project we are helping with are the precious dresses they make from men’s button shirts!

   The Bumble BeeBusy Bees need donations of men’s button shirts (short sleeve or long sleeve) that are in useable condition. They will then take these button shirts and make them into girls’ dresses (up to size 12) that are sent to a UMC missionary in Africa to distribute. Others are sent to Brazil.

   Please look through your closets for any shirts you may be able to donate to the Busy Bees. Bring them to church and put them in a box in the fountain area. We will take them to FUMC in Moulton at the end of the month! Bumble Bee2

Global Mission

-Kathy Littrell, Mission Chair

   This month we are excited to have an opportunity to hear from Jan Howard about her mission experiences in the Dominican Republic. As you may already know, Jan is part of a group here at Central that has been making menstrual kits to distribute to girls in poor countries. Many of these girls are not allowed to go to school or even leave a room during their monthly periods.

   On Sunday, August 11 Jan will speak briefly about her trip. She also brought back colorful bookbags, purses, and backpacks made by women in the Dominican Republic that she has to sell! This is an awesome way to support these women and buy a handmade item from the DR! Double goodness for us! Please come and support this Global effort for the month of August.
Dominican Republic



Hoarding vs. Sharing
Sunday, 11 August 2019

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