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Central UMC supports almost 20 local missions and nonprofit organizations with our missions budget, but how can we, as individual church members, make a difference? To help, each month we will spotlight a ministry that we support and give you ways that you can get involved.


February Local Mission:NCC Paper Drive

-Kathy Littrell, Mission Chair
  We are continuing this month with the Paper Drive for the Neighborhood Christian Center as our local mission opportunity! The NCC does an awesome job in helping the poor, those in prison and those just down on their luck. I love that they teach the gospel along side helping with financial issues. By donating paper items to the NCC we can help keep their expenses down greatly! So please remember the next time you do your shopping to include a few paper items for the NCC!

February Global Mission:Pen Pals for missionary kids

   For our global mission this month the children will be given the opportunity to be PEN PALS with American children whose parents are serving as missionaries in Romania. This is the same group we collected Legos for. They used the Legos to tell others the story of Jesus. Amy Waters had the idea of encouraging pen pals after hearing that the children of the missionaries were a little homesick and missed being in touch with friends etc. (They are home schooled there in Romania.) What a blessing this will be for BOTH our Central children’s department and for the children in Romania! We hope friendships will develop and the love of Jesus will be shared thru both groups!

Thank you for serving God by serving others

  We would like to thank the LUNCH SACK ASSEMBLY TEAM led by Jerry ThrasMission of the month 2018her! Each month Jerry spends several hours shopping for supplies at several locations (driving to Huntsville, etc.) to find the best prices for the 5 different items needed for the lunch sacks. He unloads the supplies, sets up the tables to assemble and then calls on a faithful group of people to help pack the lunches. 
   Workers consist mostly of members of the Bates/Godwin Sunday School Class… Lynn Thrasher, Brenda and Richard McCann, Judy and Bill Simms, Bill Hicks, Jane and Ford Gates, Debbie and Joe Phillips, Wim Marchant, Joan Addison, Jo Hall and Steve Klepper to name a few.
   Jerry has worked hard to get the assembly line and his workers to produce around 400 lunch sacks in one hour! After packing the lunches Jerry takes down tables and gives workers cardboard boxes to break down and take home to their recycle bins. Jerry does this every month! What a blessing you are to this mission, Jerry! Thank you for serving!


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Sunday, 16 February 2020

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