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Eyes on the Prize

Eyes on the Prize

-Pastor Dorothy Ann Webster

   A runner nearing the last leg of a race.  

   A student nearing the conclusion in writing a term paper.

A baker, baking the last batch of cookies for a big event. 

   In all of these situations, what is called for is one more big push! And the goal is reached…the task is accomplished…the outcome is success!

   This year, as the finance team has worked on our 2020 budget, we’ve sought to create a balanced budget that will enable meaningful ministry to take place. We want to see the name of Jesus lifted up, and Gospel-centered hope shared throughout the congregation and with the world. We want CUMC to be able to make a difference in Decatur, Alabama and the world. We want to see lives transformed through the love of Christ. We’ve gotten excited about the possibilities!

   As we have worked to make sure this is a balanced budget—in other words, one that uses our resources wisely, and that matches the gifts we’ve been given with the needs that have been expressed, someone made the comment that we were so close! If the congregation will give the same amount that we have in the past, we could cover 90% of the need. However, if we would all give it one more big push, and give just a little bit more, we could easily meet 100% of the need that has been expressed by our various ministry teams.

   What does this mean? It means we could purchase curriculum for twenty more children for VBS and Sunday School. It means we could purchase additional new music for the praise team and the choirs. It means we could let 1000 more people know about FamBlitz! and other exciting ministries happening at CUMC. It means we could open our gym to more activities and ministries. It means we could provide more meals for families in need in Decatur, provide water for villages in third-world countries, and support missionaries (foreign and in the US) who are introducing young people to Jesus every day!  Wouldn’t that be exciting?

   So here we are…nearing the end of 2019, ready to begin an exciting year of ministry.  Everyone’s help is needed if we are to make that big push to be able to not just do “what we’ve always done,” but to really go above and beyond for our Lord.  Can we count on you?

   Watch for your 2020 commitment card in the mail. Consecration Sunday will be November 17! 


* ALL FIELDS must be completed in order for you to submit your estimate of giving online. This is a statement of intent and may be changed should circumstances make it necessary. Questions? Contact the Finance office at 256-353-6941 or email Robbie Hudgeons, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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