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Christmas Shoe Boxes are here!

Christmas Shoe Boxes for Third World Children 2019

Suggested Gifts for Third World Shoe Boxes
Boxes should be marked with ages (2-12) and whether it is for a boy OR girl.
Hot Wheels Cars                                McDonalds Toys
Small Dolls                                          Marbles (no more than 5/baggie)
Small balls & Hand pump                 Wash Cloth
Soap                                                      Toothbrush
Comb and Brush                                 Small Hand Mirror
1 pr Flip Flops (one pr/box)                Underwear (underpants & t-shirt)
1 pr Socks for Sunday                        Shorts & tee-shirts (boys & girls)     
(Nothing edible! NO liquids!)
School Supplies:  Pencils (limit 4), paper, 5 crayons, colored pencils, small pencil sharpeners, etc.

Little Girls:  Barrettes, ribbons, bows, headbands, scrunchies, ponytail holders, etc.  If you are doing one for a girl, age 9 or older, it is important to include a small training bra (Size 28 or 30) and blouse.

You may print one or more of the following quotations in Spanish on the boxes.

I (He) came in a lowly stable.
El Señor vino en un humilde establo.

Let the little children come unto me.
Dejad que los niños vengan a mí.

Wise men search for Him.
Hombres sabios lo buscaron

Angels announced his birth.
Los ángeles anunciaron su nacimiento.  
Prophets told of His birth.                                         
Profetas dijeron de su nacimiento.

The shepherds came to know the Savior.      
Los pastores vinieron a conocer a el Salvador.

King of all kings.                        Rey de todos los reyes.

A loving God.                              Un Dios amoroso.
A Savior is born.                        Ha nacido el Salvador.
   Please try to fill each shoe box. Do NOT overfill! If one is bulging at the top, we cannot get them in the case. It is that close. An under filled box means one child will only get one or two things, while his/her brother/sister gets a full box. This can cause unhappiness in the home.

   Printed on the boxes are (1) the manifest form. Please fill out with a Sharpie magic marker indicating whether it is for a boy or girl and their age. It needs to list what you have in the box. In addition, (2) the Customs Declaration form needs to be filled out. Feel free to decorate the outside of the boxes, but DO NOT cover up the Custom forms on both sides of the box. You will find pictures to tape on one end of the box. You may decorate the other end as you choose. Please close with tape, do NOT interweave the top or bottom of the box.

   Please make a check out to Central for $5 (or one check for all your group’s boxes is even better) and put “Shoeboxes” in the note area, or mail a check payable to “Christmas Shoe Box Ministry” for $5 OR one check for your whole group to: U.M. Disaster Relief Warehouse, P.O. Box 1133, Decatur, Al  35602. $2.50 of the $5.00 helps get it to the missionary and the other $2.50 helps the missionary pay the cost of getting it to the neediest children.

DEADLINE to return the filled boxes to Central:
Sunday, September 8. Thank you!


Hoarding vs. Sharing
Sunday, 11 August 2019

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