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What is the meaning of Holy Week?

What is the meaning of Holy Week?

-Pastor Dorothy Ann Webster

  Holy Week is the week leading up to Easter. It begins with Palm/Passion Sunday. When celebrated as Palm Sunday, we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. When celebrated as Passion Sunday, we remember all the events leading up to the cross. 

  Holy Week continues through the days of the week, with special attention paid to Thursday and Friday. Thursday is traditionally referred to as Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday. It is the time we remember Jesus’ last supper with his disciples, and his commandment for us to love one another as he has loved us. “Maundy” comes from the Latin word for “commandment.”

  Friday of Holy Week is often called “Good Friday.” The use of the word “good” has been debated. Perhaps it is good because of the gift of forgiveness Jesus offered on the cross. Another belief is that the older name was “God’s Friday,” and the current name is a variation. It is the day we commemorate Jesus’ death on the cross. 

  Holy Week continues through sundown on Saturday, which is often called Black Saturday, or Holy Saturday. It is a day to pray and prepare for the celebration of new life on Easter morning!
For more information on Holy Week, go to umc.org, and type “Holy Week” in the search box.


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